Talk to anyone in the world phone-to-phone for as long as you want. Make a call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Calls are connected via a conference bridge. Schedule a call to anyone via local access numbers in 46 countries. You can make direct calls worldwide to SIPBroker, ENUM, PhoneGnome, Inphonex and Voxalot free subscribers.
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find a free access number for yourself and the country where the person you are calling. Send the Access Number to your friend to call. You need the Access Number and the Extension.

set up a free "conference" account with
IdeaSIP. No registration required. Just make up your own 7-digit Conference Number. No other information is needed.

to schedule the call you can either make a quick call using FreeCallButton or send a free text to your friend. Send them Local access number and Extension you choose. You can re-use again and again. Add as many people to the call as you like.
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To make a conference call, dial a local access number then *850-100-XXX-XXXX. You can use any 7-digit number you choose. All parties call into the same number, and they will all be connected into the call. The first caller in will hear a message saying they are the first caller. The message will stop when any other callers enter.
You can also dial in from any webphone by dialing either : , or
(replace XXXXXXX with the 7-digit number you choose for your conference call.
If you have a problem with one of the access numbers, try one with a different extension or try Webphone access.
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