FREE CALLBACK - Trigger a Callback Call to Make Free International Calls
Make international calls for free anytime, anywhere. All you need is a working phone number (land line, wireless or virtual number) in most parts of the world. With the Callback Call you can link to other free calling services including FreeCallBridge and FreeCallButton.

Below are two alternatives to receive a callback call to link with our phone bridge free call network.


ENUM -Phone Mapping

Make a Callback now to your ENUM Number.
A communications mapping protocol called Electronic Telephone Numbers Mapping (ENUM) references Internet resources by using a single global numbering scheme for both Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) telephony and VoIP services. It is now more widely used due to a free relay service called

ENUM replaces the e-mail style of SIP address with a numerical sequence (same as a phone number) such as: with 17275551212
This allows users to connect through different VoIP providers with a traditional telephone handset. is a free service that enables you to "map" any phone number you have (landline, cell, etc) to any VoIP service account. This provides seamless integration between your existing phone service (landline, cell phone) and all of your VoIP phone accounts. The ENUM number is the same as your phone number, it just maps to your VoIP account instead of the public switched telephone network (PSTN).

When an Enum number is passed through SIPBrokers network, an automatic lookup is done to confirm if the number is registered with, if so the call is routed to the VoIP address that you mapped. This process is done in miliseconds.

You can also place calls from around the world through local access numbers. There is no need to remember special codes or prefixes, just your regular phone number.

Listed Below are Steps to Link Your Phone Number to an SIP VoIP Account. If you don't have an SIP account, try PhoneGnome or Gizmo BackDoor services listed above.
STEP 1. Signup - Set up an account with A link to the signup page is at the bottom of this page.

STEP 2. Add Phone Line - After you confirm your email. Log into your account and click the "Phone Numbers" Tab then "Add". In this example, the number added is a US PSTN phone number 13605151212

STEP 3. Enter VoIP URL - In this example we are linking to a FreeWorldDialup VoIP account which is an SIP URL. To verify you are the owner of the PSTN number , you will receive a confirmation call where you will be given a PIN. The call is usually placed within 1 hour of your adding the number.

STEP 4. Enter Your PIN - Activate the ENUM number by entering the PIN by clicking the "Enter PIN" link next to the phone number entry under the "Phone Numbers" tab.

STEP 5. Verify Mapping - Enter your PSTN number below to see if the ENUM mapping is in place, if it is registed, you will see the SIP URL next to the entry for

Check to See if Your Number is Registered with Enum
Phone Number Registered with ENUM
(country code area code phone number)

Test It - Click the Button and go to the Callback Page. Dial 88 then your ENUM number, your VoIP device mapped to your ENUM number should ring and connect you with FreePhoneBridge.

PhoneGnome - Global Phone Access

You can receive callback calls from our free calling services by linking your regular phone (limited to phone lines in 25 countries) to PhoneGnome. Below are the steps you go through to setup your free account with PhoneGnome
STEP 1. Signup - Enter your information for the phone line you want to make free calls with. Click the banner at the bottom of this page to go directly to the signup page.
STEP 2. Proper Use Policy - PhoneGnome will not pass calls to your regular phone if the information on your account is not accurate.
STEP 3. Email Confirmation - You will receive an email with a confirmation link. You will then be requested to trigger a callback to the phone number you registered with PhoneGnome. When you receive the call, you need to enter the 4 digit pin in the email message. It is common for the system to not recognize the PIN and you will be prompted to leave a voice message with your PIN.
STEP 4. Activation - It takes no more than 24 hours for your account to be activated. You will receive a confirmation email when your account is active. Be sure to keep the 4 digit PIN from Step 3 above, this will be your login PIN when your account is activated.
Free Calls - You can access the FreePhoneBridge directly from your PhoneGnome control panel, just login to your account and trigger callback calls from the Quick Call Button:
  • FreePhoneBridge- Enter **7475552663 and click the Quick Call Button. The phone you registered with PhoneGnome will ring, then you will be connected with the FreePhoneBridge conference bridge.
  • FreeCallButton- Enter and click the Quick Call Button. You can make a free 5 minute call most anywhere in the world.
  • You can also place calls to other VoIP networks (pdf file).
  • SIPBroker - Enter **275 SIPBroker-prefix number and click the Quick Call Button.
  • You can call any SIP address in the following format,
    PhoneGnome Overview - The service is FREE only for registered subscribers and can be linked to landlines and most cellphones in 25 countries includes most numbers in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Mexico (Monterrey, Guadalajara, Mexico City, and Puebla), Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Russia (Moscow and Saint Petersburg), Singapore, South Korea (Seoul), Spain, Sweden, Taiwan (Taipei), United Kingdom, and USA (Excludes Alaska and Hawaii).

    You can make and receive unrestricted unlimited calls to anywhere in the world to other PhoneGnome users if you buy a PhoneGnome Box (one-time charge currently, $99.99 as 08/8/2008). You can also receive calls on your regular phone line registered with PhoneGnome from users of other VoIP networks. However, calls from other VoIP networks cannot call through to your regular phone line if you do not have the PhoneGnome Box. To "call" your Phonegnome line the address is "" (yournumber is your phonegnome account #)

    PhoneGnome comes with a free basic voice mail service and has no monthly charges associated with it unless you add some of the premium services, like a more advanced voice mail system that offers customized greetings and a web interface for the newly integrated iotum enhanced call screening service.

    If you have a PhoneGnome account linked to your phone line, you can receive calls from other PhoneGnome members. To place free calls to PhoneGnome members you either need to log into the online PhoneGnome control panel and trigger the call (and callback) or buy the PhoneGnome box and make calls by direct dial.

    You can also register with PhoneGnome for free calls under the new "Bring Your Own Device" option opens the PhoneGnome service to thousands of customers with their own compatible SIP hardware, free of charge. You are able to make and receive free calls to PhoneGnome members, however you are not able to receive SIP calls from Non-PhoneGnome users. You would need to obtain a PhoneGnome box for that. There is a way to do this without a box, using a popular "workaround".

    Technical Note - if you have an ENUM mapping for the same number you have registered with Phonegnome, all calls to you from other PhoneGnome members will be routed first to the SIP URI of the ENUM mapping (your VoIP account). If there is no ENUM mapping for your PhoneGnome number, the call will terminate on the regular PSTN phone line registered with PhoneGnome (they use lowest cost routing). Also, you cannot currently receive SIP calls from other VoIP networks (such as through the SIPBroker network). There IS a way to do this using a popular "workaround".

    PhoneGnome is an excellent free service that eliminates the need for a formal broadband VoIP service provider. They also have a first rate support system if you have problems along the way.

    NOTE, you now need to add at least $5 prepaid calling time to sign up. All SIP calls remain are 100% free.