Setup an SIPBroker Alias Number
You can now expand the use of your VoIP service by linking your favorite VoIP account with a SIPBroker alias number. The alias number is important because it enables you to link your phone with the hundreds of local access numbers that can be called from numerous countries for free. It is similar to an extension number.

The SIPBroker alias number converts the e-mail style of a normal SIP address with a numerical sequence such as: with *0112211
This enables anyone to call an SIPBroker local access number, dial *0112211 and ring your phone. It requires the caller to enter a few extra numbers, but its 100% free.

Listed Below are Steps to Link Your SIP VoIP Account to an SIPBroker Alias Number.

STEP 1. Find Your SIP Email Address - Find your provider on the SIPBroker Number list, it will provide you with the "" Proxy extension. For example, if your SIP account is 11111 with, your email address would be ""

STEP 2. Register With SIPBroker - go to then click the "register" button.

Enter Your SIP Account Email Address You Determined in Step 1
You will be required to confirm your email address.
STEP 3. Create Your Alias Number - After you confirm your email address, Log in to your account using your SIP Account Email address and password you created in step 2. Scroll Down to the "Alias" section pictured below.

The Alias number is created based upon the country and number you select.

In the screen below, we picked "France" and "00". Since the Country Code for France is 33, the Alias number generated would be 3300.

To dial this number using the SIP Broker free access numbers, you would dial *0113300.
STEP 4. Find The Right Country Code - You can pick ANY country code to establish your SIPBroker Alias number. In order to assist you in selecting the best Alias number, we have provided a sorted list of country codes and country names below.

Alias numbers are issued on a first-come, first-serve basis. You may need to try several times in order to find an alias that is still available. There is no limit on the number of digits the Alias can contain, but most of the 1 and 2 digit account numbers are already taken.
Country Code.....Country

STEP 5. Call Your Alias Number - Find a local SIPBroker access number in your area and call your newly created alias.